Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Software Development Doesn't Stop at the Code

The best teams work in tandem, with different groups sharing ideas, that fuel innovation.  When sales and marketing has a meeting of the minds with technical developers, much more is possible.  And, when interface design becomes part of the initial planning process, it's easier to make sense of how a product is going to work.

While many forget that once a product is launched, there's a very important phase beyond that: maintenance, improvement and customer support.  We think it's as critical as any other aspect of product development, because failure to properly address issues quickly and correctly can hurt the success of your product.

Being able to quickly communicate and cross-collaborate amongst ourselves, allows for the exchange of ideas across the many different aspects of product development. Because we understand and can see all the points in the development process, we often get a leaner development cycle and faster deployment.  This is the reason behind the multidimensional service offering at Sixgreen Labs.

Sixgreen Labs takes on a wholistic approach to the production of software with:
• Design-centric software development.  By mapping out your user interactions with the software and applying design initially, you can avoid wasting time developing features you don't need yet and you allow your product to be flexible, adapting to the market over time.
• Data-driven software development.  Short feedback cycles provide a more immediate perspective on what a customer needs you to deliver, in smaller more manageable chunks.
• Integration of your marketing, community and support, so that once you've deployed, you can provide the best experience for your users. A good user experience will translate directly into greater ratings and  and promote even more uptake.

Your software company should be able to provide insights and services in all these realms.  If they do, they can become your partner in success, allowing you to go forward with confidence.